2.4inch Video baby monitor

About the product

  • MONITOR BABY CAMERA VIDEO WIRELESS WITH PRIVACY & HOME SECURITY WARRANTY - On the BM2030 iSee baby monitor, a full-color 2.4" LCD display with LED sound level indicator shows real-time video and the level of sound activity in your baby's room enables you to keep an eye on things in multiple rooms of your home with 100% privacy and security.
  • BABY MONITOR WITH CAMERA VIDEO AND TEMPERATURE SENSOR - Provided a more reliable wireless connection compared to older wireless technologies. Signal strength, wireless transmission, and low radiation, LONG Distance range and Less chance of missing something important happening in the home due to a weak or dropped signal.
  • TWO WAY TALK & AUTOMATIC INFRARED NIGHT VISION FEATURE - Talk back to your baby via the press-to-talk button, Wherever you are in your book room or backyard it allows you to speak or sing to your baby remotely. the automatic Infrared night vision you can stay in touch with what's going in your baby's room without any lights to disturb little sleepers.
  • VOX MODE SOUND ACTIVATED & LONG BATTERY USAGE LIFE – The BM2030 VOX features settings that allow for environmentally friendly use to save power with sound activated, the automatic screen automatically turned off when without any voice or movement from baby room. Fully functional design for charging Lithium-Ion batteries though it does help the battery last a super long time you do not have to charge all the time.
  • EASY TO SETUP & EXPANDABLE UP TO 4 CAMERAS - Quickly install the BM2030 wireless baby monitor, no need to connect it to another device, just plug it in and there you go. (Includes 8 Soothing lullabies for babies.) can be expanded up to 4 with the purchase of individual cameras from BM2030 iSee video baby monitor. FREE SHIPPING FOR BABY


  • 2.4 Inch High Definition Color LCD Display

  • Secure Interference Free Connection

  • 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Audio & Video Transmission

  • Long Range Up to 900 ft. (Open space)

  • Two-Way Talk-Back Communication

  • ECO Mode Voice Activation

  • 2x Digital Zoom

  • Lullabies

  • Alarm / Timer Setting

  • Digital Pan / Tilt

  • Auto Infrared Night Vision

  • Sound Activated LED Indicator

  • Fully Adjustable Brightness / Volume

  • Room Temperature Display

  • High / Low Temperature Alarm

  • Multi-Camera Expandability – Up To 4 Cameras